Sunday, June 18, 2006

Unplanned Trip to MotoSat

Here we are once again in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah enjoying the very pleasant KOA on North Temple. The flowers are absolutely magnificent and the Park has been literally jam-packed this Fathers Day weekend. Nice to see so many families out together having such a good time

Hadn't planned on making this trip, but the unexpected malfunction of the magnificent MotoSat Datastorm satellite system necessitated our seeking more expertice at maintenance than I have in my own personal tool-box. Thought we had the problems all solved on Friday, but after moving to the KOA for a bit of rest and recovery late in the afternoon, decided we should remain in the area over the weekend and return to the facility for more "Tweaking" on Monday. Life goes on,

One nice thing, we had an opportunity to experience another wonderful Mexican Food restaurant that we had not enjoyed before. Friday evening led us to the magnificent Red Iguana just a few blocks east of the KOA. We have eaten in more Mexican Restaurants than I can remember, but we both agree that this one is right at the top of the list. Their Guacamole is even better than that in south-west Texas that we found on the way to the Big Bend last month. Wasn't in-expensive, but when you consider that we took away enough to allow us to take care of Saturday's needs, it really wasn't bad at all. We both had the Pork Entree, and it was beyond comparaison. Try it, you will like it.

The new gearing has definitely increased my vacuum readings.Coming to Salt Lake last Thursday from Conner I stayed at 65 mph whenI got past Salmon, ID and the mileage seems to be higher than before.I took on a load of Plus from Exxon by not being at the right pump,and definitely noticed a decrease in power compared to my normal usage of Premium.There was a very definite ease of ascent coming up out of theBitterroot Valley to the top of Chief Joseph Pass, and much better engine braking coming down to Salmon. There were very few times that my speed dropped down to 50 mph coming over the 7,000 ft pass south ofSalmon.I am very much enthused with the seemingly increased performance and will let you know what my fuel usage will get to after the return toConner this coming week using Premium Fuel all the way back. Coming down from Salmon to Elwood, UT using Plus fuel, the m/g was 9.53.Will fill up at the same stations going back and use the same technique to ascertain what, if any, difference the use of Premium fuel on the same sector will make.

Will try to add pictures when we return to Bunky Ranch Tuesday or Wednesday, but can tell you the drive down was absolutely beautiful. I have never seen the Salmon River so high, and the flowers are really wonderful.

Will try to remember to post more often.

Time flies when you are having fun and enjoying renewing the paint on 4 t pees, and mowing and weed-eating, and good friends company.