Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Back in Miami, FL

Here we are once more enjoying the balmy weather of South Florida in the midst of Winter.
Our chosen parking place is in the Larry & Penny Thompson campground off of Eureka Ave, and is it lovely. We have been enjoying the collected avocadoes from the trees here in the park, and probably adding a few pounds in the meantime. The time that we are spending with our Daughter Kandece and her husband Michael Horton is savored greatly and will be carried in our hearts forever.

We arrived here in the park on November 17 and plan to stay here until the 7th of January when we plan on returning to the GMC Co Op in Orlando for some minor maintenance on the Motorhome.

We shall then proceed to Merkel, TX to collect the mail that rests there awaiting our collection, sorting, collecting, depositing prior to continuing to Gold Canyon, AZ and our Park Model that we use as our resting point while we are there.

The last two years have been too interesting to spend much time recording the experience, but I shall attempt to come back for a visit and reconstruct it as best I can at a later date.

Hopefully the time lapse will not be of the length as the last one has been.




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